Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Sitting in my Latin-American Literature class, fueled by an Americano, and drowning in the clutter of 5 word processor* windows; an epiphany entangled by a rant is brewing. Disorientated and frustrated I climb out of the clutter of my documents into my web-browser. Refreshing. Sweet freedom. I peacefully roam the wondrous beauty of the Internet, flipping from tab to tab.

A tabbed word processor seems obvious**, no?

This raises other user-interface thoughts that are even more foundational. With so many fully functional and convenient web-based alternatives (which are naturally tabbed), at what point does it make more sense to simply run your word processor (and beyond) out of a web-browser?

But maybe these thoughts are being sparked by the beta release of Safari 4. With the application of features like cover flow and full history search to the web-browser it feels amazingly similar to Apples media-browser iTunes 8, and even more importantly, Leopard's system-browser, Finder.

You see where I am going with this?

THE-browser*** will be the unifying hub for daily multipurpose use. A single process (web, media, system etc) tabbed browser with sub tabs.

Maybe OS XI?

*It should be noted, I am using Word 2004 on OS X. Not exactly the standard in user experience. Consequently, Expose, remedies this frustration beautifully. But for the sake of the post, we will ignore that work of Apple genius.
**I am well aware that such alternatives exist. As you will see, I am merely using this as a catchy intro to set up my thesis for an efficient unified user interface.
***Which is more a OS UI heavily influenced by modern browser designs.

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