Sunday, October 11, 2009

Stars Wars in Concert!

3 Days and counting until Elena and I are going to Star Wars in Concert at the Rose Garden with her youngest brother Daniel. The idea is to further spark his passion and talent for music - though I'm sure it will do the same to his passion for Star Wars.

Daniel wrote a blog post expressing his excitement. My anticipation is building even more after reading this CNN interview with George Lucas.
"George Lucas: I've seen some presentations of, you know, live orchestras with "Star Wars" clips, and that sort of thing. But this is so much more than that -- it's so much more emotional, because what they've done is taken the emotional content of the score ... one is obviously the Imperial March, one is obviously romantic ... and then they've cut all the pictures around that from all the movies, so that you get this really wide range of visuals going with the music, and it really is quite powerful when you see the depictions of all of the various Imperial shenanigans that were going on over the Imperial March."


Ian said...

You are so lucky! :)

DK said...

I barely go to one concert a year, and this is it for 2010! It makes me laugh.