Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Family Law

Why do adult children not have to care for parents or grandparents?

These are the type of questions that one of Britain's most senior family lawyers, Baroness Deech, has been asking in a series of speeches. (BBC)

I find this one particularly engaging. We have many laws and enforcement in place to ensure parents and grandparents are properly caring for their children when they are in a physically and emotionally dependent state, but why does this not reverse as parents and grandparents become physically and emotionally dependent?

In Singapore "anyone over 60 who is unable to maintain themselves adequately can apply for an order that their child should do so via periodical payments or a lump sum". Baroness Deech proposes a "granny tax" to pay grandparents who provide child care to their grandchildren.

I feel both of these solutions fall severely short of confronting the issue.

What do you think?

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