Sunday, May 02, 2010

Best of YouTube Comedians: GoRemy

GoRemy has a special place in my heart, as he created the first YouTube video Elena ever showed me (playing a pivotal role in winning my heart).

We recently rediscovered his work, when I had a craving to watch "Eggs Over Easy: The Rap" (see Honorable Mention at the end of the post). We were pleased to see he has remained active the last couple years.

I posted one of our personal favorites, his ode to Tabbouleh, when Elena made it for dinner.

First YouTube video Elena ever showed me:

This is one of Elena's favorites (behind Tabbouleh):

My personal favorite:

Honorable Mention:
Hummus: The Rap
Eggs Over Easy: The Rap
Hey There Khalilah

And a little iPad humor just for good measure:
If Alexandar Graham Bell Invented the iPad

Check out his website and follow him on the social networking medium of your choice.

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